I am a traveler, a dreamer and an enthusiast for human ingenuity, enterprise and creativity. Life-long experiences and education spanning technology, business strategy and design as well as a long international career have given me unique opportunity to develop a diverse set of skills. I worked with some of the top companies in the world as well as founded my own ventures.

Creating a successful product and a business around it is a multi-disciplinary effort. So, I have developed my skill-set to become an expert at leading cross-functional teams with skills in: Business Strategy, Product Management, Design, Data Analytics, Technology and Marketing & Sales.


At the core, I am the business, technology and design guy. I operate at the confluence of these areas to lead product conceptualization, design, development and management. As the Product Head, I bring together the product, business and user visions together to build and run viable, lovable products.

Multiple aspects go into designing a product and many question arise at various junctures; who, what, when, where and how? All frustratingly snarled in competing business priorities, teams operating in silos and personal preferences. Often the user is forgotten and what ends up getting created is the lowest common denominator. I prevent that.

My business background as well as entrepreneurial experiences gives me a strong base to stand upon the business realities. Many years as technology development leader allow me to not only work closely with technical teams but also to earn developers respect. Finally, a lifetime of studying human nature, psychology and design have given me a unique perspective on developing user empathy and convert that to human-centric design sensibilities.

You can look at details of my work in My Projects section and download my resume: Rajeev Soni.

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